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Weather Related Closing
Weather conditions are not always the same over the 325 square mile area of the school corporation. There are times when some routes should not be run, but enough routes can be run to transport enough students safely that school can be open. A student living on a route, or part of a route, which is not run on a particular day will not be counted absent from school on that day. The parents of the student should write a note to the school principal indicating that this was the cause of the absence. The parents should make the decision as to whether or not the student goes to school on an extremely cold day if the student has to wait at a bus stop or because of having to walk a distance to school. These absences will be considered excused absences.

We hope for good weather; however, if weather conditions cause the delay or cancellation of school we ask everyone to listen to the radio or television for cancellation information. School closing announcements are made as early as possible and no later than 6:00 am on the day in question. Announcements are made via the radio. Please do not call the radio station or the school since that will only delay getting the information out to others. There might be a time when there is a two-hour delay for fog or snow. That announcement will also be made over the radio and TV starting at 6:00 am. Listen again near 8:00. If conditions have not improved, school may be cancelled for the day.

Early dismissals from school will be avoided whenever possible.  However in the event we must dismiss children earlier than the normal time, parents should instruct children where to go if they cannot stay in the house alone. School principals should be informed in advance, in writing of any special circumstance or situation related to early dismissal of students, since we do not have the capacity for all students to call home in this situation.

Book Rental
Book rental and fees are due on the first day of school. If you have not yet paid, please call the school to arrange a payment schedule as soon as possible. If you have qualified for assistance, there is still a fee that needs to be paid.

All medication should be left in the school office. All medication must be in the original container and must be accompanied by a note from the parent of the student with directions about dispensing the medication.

All parents and other visitors must report to the school office as they enter the building, before visiting classrooms. Parents are always welcome to visit our school, however, visitations should be scheduled in advance whenever possible.

Homework Organizers
The homework organizer book distributed to each student contains the NLCS Handbook and the Technology Handbook. School policies on attendance, grading, behavior, computer usage, etc. can be found in these handbooks.
Students are encouraged to use the organizers to record each day's assignments for all subjects. Once they complete an assignment, they may check it off. This makes it easier to keep track of what work they need to take to Homeroom, Study Hall, or home to finish.

Sports Physicals
Athletic physicals are mandatory for any student-athlete to participate in any sport at Oolitic Middle School. Physicals must be completed on May 1 or AFTER to be valid for the following school year (Example: A physical done on April 30, 2011 will NOT be good for the 2011-2012 school year). The form must be signed on the front page at the bottom by BOTH the parent/guardian and student-athlete. Also, on page 3 the student-athlete and parent/guardian must sign. A doctor must fill out page 2 and sign at the bottom of the page that a physical has been completed and the student-athlete is then eligible to participate. It is important that a doctor signs and not a nurse or nurse practitioner.

A completed physical form must be turned into the athletic director before the student-athlete can participate in conditioning, tryouts, practice, or games. Physical forms are available in the office.
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      Oolitic Middle School
      S. Underwood, Principal
      903 Hoosier Ave.
      Oolitic, IN 47451

      Voice: 812-275-7551
      Fax: 812-277-3219

      Mission Statement

      Oolitic Middle School envisions being an exemplary school empowering all students to succeed in a global environment.

      School Improvement

      North Lawrence Community Schools strive to continually improve and better prepare our students' future. All improvement plans can be viewed by visiting this page and clicking a school link.
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      Administrative Offices - 812-279-3521
      OLJMG Joint Services - 812-279-6651

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      BNL High School - 812-279-9756
      NL Career Center - 812-279-3561

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      Bedford Middle School - 812-279-9781
      Oolitic Middle School - 812-275-7551
      Shawswick Middle School - 812-275-6121

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      Parkview Intermediate - 812-275-3301

      Elementary School
      Dollens Elementary - 812-275-3885
      Fayetteville Elementary - 812-279-2376
      Heltonville Elementary - 812-834-6632
      Lincoln Elementary - 812-275-6311
      Needmore Elementary - 812-279-2192
      Parkview Primary - 812-275-2333
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      Springville Elementary - 812-279-1388
      Stalker Elementary - 812-275-4821

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